Tips For Properly Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry

You can find so many beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewelry at Jewelry & Coin Mart.  Whether you are interested in rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, you will surely find the perfect accessories in our ever-expanding silver vault.  But silver is a delicate metal, so once you have taken your treasure home, you should take care to store it properly in order to avoid tarnishing and to prolong its beauty.

Store Silver in an Anti-Tarnishing Box

Keeping your sterling silver in a special wooden box that is coated in a clear lacquer can keep it from tarnishing. However, uncoated wood can actually make your silver tarnish more quickly!  You do not have to spend a lot of money on the box, but you should pay attention to what the box is made of.  The addition of moth balls or a moisture repellant is helpful in avoiding tarnish on silver.

Absorb Moisture and Harmful Gases

Keep the storage area drier by placing a piece of plain blackboard chalk or silica gel (the little packets that come with shoes, purses or other products) in with the silver.  A small piece of activated charcoal can also help to absorb the gases that can cause tarnishing.

Keep Silver Protected

Tossing your silver pieces in with your other jewelry can cause scratches and other damage, such as tangling or bending.  You can avoid this by wrapping your silver in a soft cloth or zipper plastic storage baggie before placing it in your storage container.  The best type of cloth to use is an anti-tarnishing silver cloth, which is specially designed to prevent tarnishing of sterling silver.  We sell them at the Jewelry & Coin Mart, as well as silver polish and cleaner.

Materials to Avoid When Storing Silver

While it is a good idea to wrap your silver for storing, never wrap it in newspaper or use rubber bands, as both of these items contain sulfur compounds which lead to tarnishing.  Plastic food wrap contains chemicals that can damage silver.  And finally, plain cardboard boxes should not be used for storage, as they contain acids that can be harmful to silver.

Now that you are prepared to properly store your silver, be sure to stop in to Jewelry & Coin Mart at 757 W. Golf Rd in Schaumburg to browse our incredible selection of new and luxurious pre-owned sterling silver items. 

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