Now Offering Loans on Jewelry

Short-term loans, great for quick cash

If you won’t miss wearing it,
then pawn may be right for you

Offer up your old jewelry
at a percentage of its market value

Get a cash loan on the spot

We simply hold your jewelry
until you pay the loan back

Pawned jewelry is held until the loan is fully paid
OR the loan period expires

If the loan goes into default
OR you decide you no longer want the jewelry,
the jewelry becomes the property of the shop

Loan renews after 30 days, and YOU decide
whether you want to redeem OR renew the loan

Loan renewal will be at 10% of the loan value,
and includes storage and interst fees

No credit check is required, and your
credit score will never be negatively affected

Valid state-issued ID required
to ensure a secure transaction

We comply with local, state, and federal rules and regulations

We cooperate with local law enforcement,
and all transactions are uploaded to LeadsOnline

Currently offering pawn loans ON JEWELRY ONLY