Get Extra Money by Selling Your Old Gold and Jewelry

The holiday season is upon us and you may be thinking about how to get extra cash to cover the added expenses that come with it.  You could be sitting on a literal gold mine without even realizing it!  Your old jewelry sitting in a drawer could be your answer to get extra cash today.

Tips Before Selling Your Gold

Take an inventory of what you like and what you have sitting in a drawer that never sees the light of day. If you have found multiple pieces that you either don’t use or want to sell, bring them in to The Jewelry & Coin Mart in Schaumburg for a free estimate. There’s no pressure, no obligation to sell and it’s quick and convenient.

It is also wise to think of the emotional value of any pieces that are considering selling.  An item may or may not be worth much monetarily, but consider where it came from and how much it means to you personally, and whether it is really worth parting with.  Ideal items to sell include broken pieces, outdated items, old watches, high school rings and items with no emotional attachment.

Be Realistic

Unless you have a gemstone akin to the Hope Diamond, selling your old gold is a great way to make some extra money, but it is not a way to get rich quick.  Buyers can only pay out for the actual amount of gold in the jewelry, minus any costs for melting and refining.  Items of value that can be refinished, restored and resold will bring a higher premium for resale.   Antique and Estate jewelry always bring a premium.  Diamonds over a carat and unusual one-of-a-kind pieces are what resale jewelry buyers are looking for.  If you have many large items with high gold content, you could see a nice payout, while less-valuable pieces may simply provide a modest boost to your cash flow.

Make Sure Your Buyer is Reputable

Taking your gold to a dishonest buyer can result in a far lower payout than you deserve.  They may employ tactics such as tampering with the scale or knowingly offering less than it is worth if they feel they can get away with it.  Many online buyers have a reputation for making very low offers, then not returning items if the offer is rejected, and consignment sites may charge high commission fees to sell your items for you.

Jewelry & Coin Mart in Schaumburg has been in business since 1986 – that’s 32 years of market experience, and we have a reputation of being fair and easy to work with.  Our jewelry appraisers will provide an estimate of value at no cost to you, and we will offer you a fair price for your items with immediate payment while you wait.  All items are inspected right in front of you while you watch.  Call us at 847-839-9500 for more information or visit our location at 757 W. Golf Road.

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