Do You Have Any Coins Worth a Million Bucks?

Rare penny sells for $1.15 million at Schaumburg auction – see link below for full story

There are lots of old coins floating around out there and some of them may be in your house!  Oftentimes, people inherit them from grampa and store them away in a drawer but some of them maybe worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Coin Collecting Spans Generations

Coin collecting is more than a $10 Billion dollar a yearindustry in the United States alone, and about $100 Billion each year across the world.  It’s a great way for older generations to share something meaningful with younger generations.  Maybe you remember Grandma and Grampa digging out those old, faded books to show the grandkids those faded coins.  The trend continues today as coins often get passed from generation to generation – do you know the value of what you have? The Jewelry & Coin Mart can tell you!

Coins Can Be A Great Investment

Do you remember those large blue books everyone had in the 1960’s and 1970’s to collect silver dimes, quarters and silver dollars?  Lots of people had these and many were adding them to part of a bigger coin collection. Instead of just an heirloom, you should look at those coins and see if they’re a great investment!  They only get more valuable each year they are stored away unused not getting scratched up with use, so the value is almost guaranteed to go up if they are in excellent condition. 

How Do You Make Money With Coins?

If you’re interested in collecting, then you have to start now. Because it takes years for coins to rise in value, you should add some to your collection each year so the next generations can continue to own a rising investment.  Then, each person who inherits the collection will have some coins to save and some to sell. Remember that for a coin to have value it must either be made of precious metal, be an error coin or a low mintage coin.  Go thru your current coins – you may find hidden gems right in your change jar! 

Knowledge is Power

Stay away from flea market vendors or some guy working out of his basement in his home. Get credentials! Take your coins to a reputable dealer to determine their correct value. Visit an established business with a reputable history in their community. The Jewelry& Coin Mart is a world-class dealer in coins and currency so you can be assured your coins will be priced by a knowledgeable buyer. They are Life Members of the American Numismatic Association and offer the services of PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service and NGC Numismatic Guarantee Corporation.

We are located just minutes west of Chicago in Schaumburg , you can bring them in to our secure showroom environment and get them evaluated.

Stop in today to The Jewelry & Coin Mart, 757 West Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL (One block west of Higgins at Salem Plaza).  Or, call us for an appointment,(847) 839-9500. 

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