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Over 20 Years Serving the Schaumburg Area

Jewelry & Coin Mart has been in the jewelry and coin business for over 20 years serving both retail and wholesale clients. Our success is due largely in part to the principles we hold in highest regard: Honesty, Knowledge, Hard Work, and Client Satisfaction. From the start you will quickly realize that you and your specific needs are our immediate priority and number one goal. Jewelry & Coin Mart is continually researching the industry and traveling to marketplaces in order to give you the best deals available.

Jewelry & Watches – Can It Be Sized?

We sell designer, fine, antique, and luxury jewelry. While some of our items are new (i.e. Uno de 50 and Valina pieces) most of our luxury jewelry and watches are pre-owned estate items. We take great care in reconditioning where we can and we make sure our prices fairly represent the condition of the items. If a jewelry, watch, or other item needs an adjustment please contact us directly! We sell repairing and resizing services and can make these changes prior to shipping your order. Note that this can take up to a week in order to ensure high quality service but we will expedite at a premium.

Gold & Silver – How Do I Polish?

While we have a wide selection of gold jewelry and watches, we also sell gold in 1g, 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz amounts as coins or as bars. Similarly, our sterling silver items include many antique pieces and flatware sets. On top of that we sell polish, cleaners, and other items to maintain the quality of your jewelry. If you are interested in one of these maintenance products, please contact us directly!

Sell & Appraise – What Are Appraisals?

Our experienced appraisers can help you determine the value of your items and present you with an immediate cash offer when you visit our location in Schaumburg, IL. Unfortunately we cannot perform appraisals over the phone or remotely as it often depends on the condition, marketability, and style of the item – factors that are ignored by insurance appraisals.

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