Antique Victorian Expandable Jet Cameo Mourning Bracelet 6″


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Estate antique Victorian-era black jet mourning bracelet with large center cameo station. Will comfortably fit a wrist with wearable length of about 6 in., and flexibility allows for expansion on some larger wrists.

Mourning jewelry came into prominence with the passing of Prince Albert, whom Queen Victoria mourned for over 40 years by having all members of the royal court dress entirely in black, including jewelry. This extended to the populace, whose demand for mourning jewelry as a fashionable statement spawned many imitations.

Weighs 44.2 grams.

Cameo station is about 43mm tall by 33mm wide by 11mm deep. Cameo is about 21mm tall by 14mm deep. Links are each about 24mm tall by 17mm wide by 9mm deep.

Excellent estate condition. Gently pre-owned.