Antique Hawksworth, Eyre & Co. Candlestick Pair Candelabra Top, Sheffield, 1904


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A striking and handsome pair of Hawksworth, Eyre & Co. Ltd. weighted sterling silver English candlesticks which stand 10” tall and feature baluster stems, sunken bases and detachable drip guards. The bases are 5.5” wide, with beautiful bezels and scooped out corners.

This pair comes with a single 3-light candelabra top to create a single candelabra. The candelabra height is 17.25”. The width of the candelabra arms is 13.125”.

The candlesticks are signed HE Ld, for Lionel Hawksworth, Eyre & Co. Ltd., Sheffield. The marks on the candlestick bases are lightly worn from polishing. The marks on the candelabra top and drip guards are clear and easily readable. Besides the HE Ld mark, the candlesticks are marked with a crown, a lion side profile, and a gothic lower case letter, which looks like the date code for 1896.

The candlesticks are in very good condition for their age.  The weighted base of one candlestick has been repacked, no repairs to the candle stick itself.  There are a few light scratches and small flaws as to be expected .

8 piece set. Two candlesticks, one 3-light candelabra top, and five drip guards. The set weighs 110.8 ozt.