Vintage 3pc Fostoria Pickle Dish & Double Light Candlesticks Set Romance Pattern


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Vintage Fostoria pickle dish and pair of double light candlesticks set in the Romance pattern, dating the set to at least circa 1960s – early 1970s.

The Romance pattern features flowers, bow tie ribbons, and garland.

Candlesticks accommodate candles up to about 7/8” wide in diameter.

The glass has been hand blown and crafted in the United States. has listed the pickle dish for $19.99, and the double light candlesticks for $23.99 each.

Pickle dish is 274.6 grams and is about 8 1/8” long by 4 ½” wide by 1” tall.

Candlesticks average 528.0 grams each and are about 5 1/8” tallest by 6” widest.

Excellent vintage condition. Gently pre-owned. No chips, cracks, or crazing. May be a tiny bubble left over by the manufacturer.

Pickle dish and double light candlesticks will be carefully packaged for safe shipping.