1976 Flags of the United Nations Mini-Ingots – Silver Ingots, 24 Nations


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From the Franklin Mint and part of the 1976 Flags of the United Nations Mini-Ingot Collection, this set of 24 solid sterling silver mini-ingots represent the following United Nations member nations:

Afghanistan Australia Bangladesh Bolivia Burma Canada
Albania Austria Barbados Botswana Burundi Cape Verde
Algeria Bahamas Belgium Brazil Byelorussia SSR Central Africa Republic
Argentina Bahrain Bhutan Bulgaria Cambodia Chad

The reverse side of all ingots is marked with the nation name in its respective language, the United Nations official seal, and “925/1000 f 76”.

All mini-ingots are sealed in a cardboard card, 4 ingots to a card, with a clear plastic double-sided window, and also included are diagram cards for reference.

Smallest mini-ingot measures about 12mm long by 10mm wide. Largest mini-ingot measures about 19mm long by 10mm wide.

Excellent vintage condition. Gently pre-owned.